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About Karlyn

Yoni Mapping Therapy

Karlyn specialises in trauma-sensitive tantric massage and bodywork, specifically Yoni Massage/Mapping Therapy.

She’s also an Erotic Educator and has been working in the field of Sacred Sexuality for over a decade. 

Her passion is guiding women through transformational healing processes, and returning them to a sense of pleasure and safety in their bodies.

Tantric Massage is a powerful tool to expand a woman's energetic potential.

Yoni Mapping Therapy is an integrated modality that embraces all aspects of the self – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual

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Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions are about becoming present with whatever is coming up within you. There is no judging it or labelling it. Everyone is welcome and accepted – whatever that looks like! Sometimes we work on something specific, other times there is nothing we are trying fix, and no place to get to.


Tantric Yoni Massage


  • Tantric massage can help heal vaginal pain and release sexual trauma from your body. This can include tension, pain, discomfort or numbness caused by abuse or insensitive lovers.
  • Tantric massage helps you reconnect with your pleasure, learn to love, cherish and celebrate your body and your sensuality.
  • Tantric massage can awaken your desire and ability for better sex and relationships.
  • Expand your orgasmic potential, opening you up to full-body orgasmic energy.
  • Tantric massage can help you experience orgasms during sex; explore G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation.

Erotic Awakening & Education


Awakening this energy has a profoundly healing effect, which can be both blissful and challenging. As we awaken, we may need to address parts of our selves that also require transformation, in order for us to move fully into our wholeness.


3 hour Yoni Mapping session: $425

Tantra Training: $625

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Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required for bookings.